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Hi There! My name is Eric. I have been a Resident of West Hollywood for almost 20 years. I love this town. I plan to grow old here with my best friend Jack Cline. I’m 53 years old and plan to be here the rest of my life.

I come from a large family in the Midwest. My Parents instilled Good Work Ethics, Honesty and Personal Integrity in all of us kids. We were encouraged to get good grades, stay of out trouble and love and care for one another and others. In other words, I come from a very good home.

My Mother recognized my compassion for others when I was very young. She helped me cultivate that compassion into actually helping others. I had my first volunteer job when I was 12 years old and I have been caring for others ever since.

My first paying job was at the age of 14. I developed a good work ethic at a very young age.

I insisted in buying my own school clothes and class ring. I bought my first car when I was 16 with the earnings from working at a Golf Course in the summer and Wendy’s in the winter.

After High School and six years in the Army Reserves and four years of College, I worked 18-hour days as a Certified Fitness Trainer for 20 years, mostly with people in show business in Las Vegas. I was also Monti Rock’s Executive Personal Assistant. If I can handle Monti, I can handle anything. I can say that because he is my dear friend and my Gay Godmother.

At the age of 45, I decided to retire and devote my time to volunteer work. 

I became interested in running for City Council about two years ago after losing two friends to the unsafe crosswalks and realizing that nothing serious is being done to fix this and other problems the City is facing.

After seeing that there are many other areas in the City Government which could perform better and more efficiently, I feel that I have the experience to help contribute to solutions. As a Certified Fitness Trainer for 20 years, my job was to implement the best ways to improve each Client with specificity and individual approaches based upon their goals. One solution doesn’t fit all challenges, sometimes you don’t have to think outside of the box, but rather build a new box.

The Safety and Quality of Life Issues for Residents and Safe Neighborhoods should always come first. 

100% transparency in the City Government and Political Campaigns is very important. I will never take a campaign contribution because I don’t want to owe anyone any favors.

My Life Experience, My strong work ethics, My unwillingness to be influenced by big donors and developers and my Compassion for others is what I will bring to be an excellent City Council Member


I look forward to working with the other Council Members, City Staff and Management to help make West Hollywood the best it can be.

The role of the Mayor and City Council is to enact local legislation, provide vision for the future of the City of West Hollywood, set policy, adopt the annual budget and ordinances, resolutions and policies relating to the public health, safety and welfare.

The Current City Council are creatures of habit, of routine. They know only what has been done before, and lack imagination. It’s time for fresh, new and progressive energy on City Council who puts the concerns of the Residents first. I want to hear from the Residents more often. I will hold monthly Town Hall Meetings.

The following are six Major points of concern, but please read my entire Platform.

1. Public Safety Improvements

2. Comprehensive Budget Review.

3. Campaign Contribution Transparency.

4. Protect and Enforce Renters Rights.

5. Effectively Address Homelessness.

6. Slow the Development and Growth of the City.

My personal motto which I have practiced my entire life also applies to the way I will conduct myself as a West Hollywood City Council Member: A.I.T., Accountability, Integrity, Transparency.

My main concerns are Public Safety which include a myriad of issues and I am also very concerned about the over-development in West Hollywood. Please read my entire platform here on my website.

I believe that I have the Life Experience, Ability to Work With Others as a Team and the Compassion for others to be an excellent City Council Member.

I believe in taking care of local issues and minding our own business. Our Residents should always come first.


In order for progress to occur, The entire City Council  should  be replaced in the next two elections. Too many scandals, apathy toward Residents, reckless spending and petty in-fighting. They are tired, indifferent, ineffective, bought and paid for by developers and they don't listen to the concerns of the Residents and couldn't care less about the Quality of Life for people who live in West Hollywood.

They have lost touch with local issues. They have become more concerned with National and International "pet projects" and drawing attention to themselves rather than taking care of the issues of West Hollywood. We need Leadership who is grounded and can bring West Hollywood Back to West Hollywood.

I also believe that the City Manager should be transparent with everything he does and start making  Directors and Commissioners accountable to the Residents. He has lost control of his Staff and as a result, very little gets accomplished for the Residents. He has become very complacent and smug. The Residents need to make a decision if spending $500,000. a year on his salary is worth it. He doesn't even live near West Hollywood, so why would he care? He goes home to Pasadena every night.

I also believe that the Director of Public Safety should be replaced. Crime is up by 25%. Crosswalks are not safe, they are not well lit, they are not consistent city-wide. There are not enough public cameras. Pedestrians are not safe from scooters, bikes and skateboards on the sidewalks, just to name a few items of concern.

We need a Sheriff sub-station on the Eastside and emergency phones located across  the City so that callers in need of help will get through faster and their location would instantly be known to dispatch. We need Deputy foot patrol on the Major Streets to better interact with Residents and visitors. This would also improve response time to incidents and would be a great crime prevention measure.

The budget and payroll need  comprehensive reviews to eliminate wasteful spending so that the City would have the money to make it a Safe City

I love this town and I want to help keep it from drastic change from over-development,  Increased Crime and more Traffic Congestion.

I am a Renter and I will be a Strong Advocate for Renters. I will be the first Councilmember in the history of West Hollywood to suggest a rent decrease. I will make sure that Landlords maintain their properties and make repairs in a timely manner and all building codes enforced. I also do not believe that it is right to pass  any of the cost of retrofitting onto Tenants and I heavily encouraged the City Council to not do that through letters and at Council meetings.

Staff Members who don't live in West Hollywood Make the important decisions about the lives of the Residents while the current City Council doesn't question those decisions.

City Council does not care about your safety. One example is that it took two years to install public cameras and only four of them as a pilot program. Why didn't they get installed after they approved them. We don't need a pilot program, we all know what cameras do.

There is a serious Public Safety situation in West Hollywood. There is no consistency in crosswalks, Not enough Deputies on Patrol, Slow Sheriff response times, Sidewalks are unsafe because of scooters, bikes and skateboards. The Crime  Rate is up 25%. We have a City Council who shows very little concern about Public Safety and Renters Rights. Their main concern is catering to Developers to make it less affordable to live in West Hollywood.

My main concern is the Residents, not the developers or business owners, you will always come first if I am elected to City Council. I know I will be able to effectively work with whomever else is on the new City Council  in a respectful and civil manner to get things done and I am willing and eager to listen to the other Council members and negotiate what is best for the Residents.

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency.

Public Safety, Renters Rights, Campaign Contribution Reform, City Budget Review, Homelessness, Overdevelopment....These are just a few of the issues for which I will be a strong advocate.

I promise to go the extra mile for the Residents of West Hollywood. You come first. I will hold "Town Hall Meetings" on a regular basis to listen to your concerns for more than two minutes at a time at City Council meetings as happens now. Every Decision I make on City Council will be done without fear or favor. Developers will no longer make the decisions that Council Members should be making. Being a City Council Member will be a full time position, not a secondary way to make money. My Primary purpose will be to represent you with the Residents' best interests being the most important goal.

My Decision to run for City Council was made with Serious and Lengthy thought. For two years, I studied West Hollywood, It's History, It's Issues, It's future. I also thought about ways in which I could help contribute in a progressive manner to make West 

Hollywood the Best it can be without losing it's Identity through Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. Three concepts this City has never seen.

As a longtime renter in West Hollywood, I will be a strong advocate for Renters. We are treated like Second Class Citizens. I will work hard to change that. I will make sure that building codes are enforced, landlords are being held accountable and that rent control is just that.

I will make sure that City Management, Code Compliance Management, Rent Control Management are all held accountable and every action they take made public. I believe in transparency.

I will establish a "slumlord" task force for Renters deal with their landlords. I will advocate for Attorneys to work pro bono for low income Tenants who are dealing with slumlords.

Once I realized the vulgar  amount of "Pay for Play" among the City Council and Developers, (the City is Owned by the Out-of-State Campaign Donors). I knew that in order to preserve West Hollywood, We needed new Leadership.

And most recently the DA has determined there isn't enough evidence to Charge Ed Buck in the Death of Jemmel Moore. Buck, a Meth Pusher is believed to have provided the lethal dose to Jemmel Moore, who died naked on a mattress in the living room of Ed Buck's apartment in West Hollywood. Ed Buck made donations to every City Council Member, except Lindsey Horvath. None of those who took money from Ed Buck returned it or helped in any way to investigate the death.

Jemmel was Black. I believe if he was White, Buck would be behind bars right now. 

Because the City Council Members received money from Buck, They did nothing to investigate Jemmel Moore's death and as a result another death of a black man occurred at Buck's apartment. The entire City Council should be investigated by the FBI to find out why they allowed another death.

The City Council and Management is also making it too expensive for medium to low income people  live In West Hollywood. They recently made the highest rent increase in years. They don't care that 80% of Residents are renters. They just want to force them out of their buildings so they can take money from developers to build new buildings with high rent. 

Right from the beginning, I wanted to do it without taking a dime from donors, which is another thing that has never happened. I want every Vote on City Council Issues I make to be Unbiased and I don't want to owe donors favors.

I love West Hollywood, but It seems that the City is going down that road that many small towns do.


They grow too fast, lose their identity and become just another town. Plus every year it seems that the Gay community is slowly taken over by people who would like to see West Hollywood as a Straight town. I love the Diversity we have now among many different people. We are known to be inclusive of everyone . I would not want that to change.

Weho is Unique. We need to protect that Village feel and keep our Pride. It is apparent that we need new Energy on City Council and not allow the developers to take over and change our Village.

It is My opinion that the Current City Council Members are Apathetic and out of Touch with the Residents. Some of the the Council Members cling to the Council for the Kickbacks and Gifts from developers.

I believe that The City Council is Clueless about the Residents and what they want for our City. But, they sure know what the Donors and Developers want. Almost 50% of Residents are under the age of 40. The City needs some Young, Fresh, Informed Leadership who think about our future and not the "Old School" ways of Whoring Out the City for Personal gain.

The following are six Major points of concern, but please read my entire Platform and 36 short pages.

1. Improve Public Safety Issues

2  Comprehensive Budget and Payroll Review

3. Campaign Contribution Transparency.

4. Protect and Enforce Renters Rights.

5. Effectively Address Homelessness.

6. Slow the Development and Growth of the City.

I will not take any Campaign Contributions or "Gifts" so I will not Owe Anything to Anyone. I have no Campaign Funding Affiliations with Corporate Entities.

As a Member of The West Hollywood City Council, I will be Available during Normal Business Hours to listen to Concerns of Residents and to help resolve Resident issues.

Almost 80% of West Hollywood Residents are Renters. I am a Renter. I will be a Strong Advocate for Renters. Please see my page regarding Renters.

I sued my Landlord on Larabee and I prevailed. I was Plaintiff in Pro Per, which means I represented myself. I did everything myself (including deposing my Landlord and a Neighbor for 8 hours each). I Studied the Law and worked hard right up until Jury Selection at which point we settled out of Court. The Landlord knew he would not win in Court. I was very prepared for Jury Trial.


Increased Attention to Public Safety and Crime. We have good Law Enforcement, We just need better Communication, Interaction with Residents and much more Transparency to build a stronger mutual Trust and Respect. More and better Civilian Training regarding recognizing potential criminal behavior and how to prevent it.

Advocate for a Sheriff's Sub-Station on the East Side. Not only would it's visibility reduce Crime, but It would make it easier for Eastsiders to file reports and get to know the Deputies. It would not have to be a big Sub-Station. Just one holding Cell until  the accused can be transported to the main Station on SVB. There are many available retail places on the corner of SMB and LBA.

Build a new main Sheriff Station to replace the one on SVB. Sheriff Personnel have said the current station is  inadequate.

Better and Complete Crosswalk Safety Improvements with City-wide Consistency. It's a big mess right now.

Increased Sheriff's Deputies to match the Population growth in West Hollywood.

Support Undercover Sheriff's Deputy Task Force, made up of Specially Trained Officers, to infiltrate drug sources and address the ever-increasing Addiction and Substance Abuse Problem

More recognition for the Fire and Rescue and Sheriff Personnel in West Hollywood. A Day of Appreciation.

Increased Medical and Housing Assistance for the Homeless in West Hollywood.

Improved Comprehensive and Free Public Transportation Program for West Hollywood Residents. West Hollywood Residents Should ride for Free, To encourage less car traffic.

Examine Transfers and walking distances between Bus Stops. No one should have to walk more than a few blocks to get to their next bus.

Initiate City Employee Payroll Review. West Hollywood Employees Should Receive Salaries & Benefits that are In Parity with Other Similar Jurisdictions.

Programs Providing Services for: The Elderly; Those in Low Income Categories & The Disabled need to be Expanded and Improved.

Build more Senior Citizen housing using Triangle Square in Hollywood as a model.

Increased West Hollywood Focus and Better Access to help for Those dealing with Addictions.

Increased AA, NA, OA availability of meeting spaces, which are easily accessible and at more frequent times of the day and night.

Increase Social Opportunities for Young People and Assistance for Youth to find Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities.

Advocate to bring the Book Fair back to West Hollywood.

Increased Positive Development of the East Side, limiting Overgrowth and providing “Quality of Life” improvements.

Traffic Slowing on Streets made Dangerous by excessive speed and heavy Pedestrian use.

Increase Low Income Quality Affordable Housing.

Re-Visit “Rent Increase Tables” for All Citizens of West Hollywood, especially for The Disabled and Low- Income Residents.

Enhance Safety in Parks and Public Spaces for Children and Families.

More Free Physical Fitness Classes and Seminars for Residents. Free Seminars and Classes regarding Nutrition and Healthy Eating.

Increased Assistance and Affirmation for the Transgender Community.


I will work Full Time to Listen to Resident's Concerns, Ideas and Suggestions and Respond in a Timely Manner, Working Closely with City Staff without any Donor Influence.

The Residents Matter. You Matter. Major Campaign Donors are not as important as the Residents. You come first.

Please contact me with your Concerns, Ideas and Suggestions. If you would like to meet with me to discuss your concerns, please contact me to schedule a meeting. I would love to hear your opinions and ideas.

The City of West Hollywood  would have enough money to accomplish all the issues on My Platform by cutting some of City Staff Payroll in half.

Our City Manager (who doesn't even live in West Hollywood) is paid more than $500,000. a year with two Deputies who each are paid nearly $300,000. a year.

The person in charge of Rent Control is paid over $200,000. a year. The person in charge of Public Safety is paid over $200,000. There are dozens of examples of grossly overpaid people.

The Mayor of LA is only paid $200,000. a year. Our Governor is paid less than $200,000 a year. The President of the United States is only Paid $400,000. a year.

Many of the "City Directors" of West Hollywood (with 37,000 Residents) would have to take a pay cut to be Governor of California.

West Hollywood is paying Directors and Managers double and triple the money they should be for much of it's staff. I will work hard to put an end to that and use that money for the Resident's of West Hollywood. While I am a Strong Supporter of Unions, I am not afraid to Challenge them when they abuse their authority. I believe a solution can be worked out which benefits everyone equally.

There are thousands of qualified People out there who would do the Jobs for half the money and twice the Performance.

There are many hard working Staff members who earn their pay and should not be subject to a pay cut. In some cases, they are underpaid. The fact is, Our City Could not operate without their hard work and devotion. They are very much appreciated by the Residents, but the Management needs to step up and  be more supportive.

Please take a few minutes to read all 37 pages on my website. They are short pages, but very informative.

Thank you very much for your time.

Eric Jon Schmidt

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency

Asking about the Excessive credit card charges

The Ed Buck Deaths

West Hollywood HOmeless

Trying to find out how we can better help them

West Hollywood Homeless

City Council Meeting comments

City Council

Reckless Spending by City Council.

Monti Rock III

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner saw my shirt that reads: "The Naked Truth" so he came over to me  to ask about it. He said he would check out my Website. 6-30-18.

West Hollywood Hypocrisy

West Hollywood has at least two totally naked strip bars, 8 porn shops and an Adult Theater where people go to have public sex, yet they  treat the Mayor badly for inviting Stormy Daniels to town. West Hollywood has it's fair share of Hypocrites which is the opposite of being Progressive.

My Annoucing my Run for City Council.

Announcing my run for west Hollywood City Council

Listening to the Homeless

Oprah's Homeless

There is enough Private money in West Hollywood. The City Should be creating partnerships to build Homeless Facilities. City Council Candidate in Central LA election

Removing the Body

The City Council Members have accepted Campaign Donations from Ed Buck. They refuse to return the money

Planting trees on Arbor Day in West Hollywood

Eric Jon Schmidt

West Hollywood's Homeless, three inches outside Weho.

The City of LA raided the encampment, took all their belongings, including sleeping bags, food, water, phones. They took everything and crushed it right in front of them in a garbage truck. No one knows where the people are now. These people were our own People, most of them Gay or Transgendered.