eric Schmidt
west Hollywood city council november 2020

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I will never take campaign donations.

No more special favors for developers and out of State Campaign Donors. The corruption at City Hall must end.

West Hollywood is not prepared for the future, having had the same leadership and mindset for 35 years. If we don't get some fresh representation and new ideas, our town will become just another part of LA.

My top ten concerns for West Hollywood:

1. Public Safety

2. Renters Rights

3. Senior Quality of Life Issues

4. Residential Neighborhood Safety and Improvements.

5. Overdevelopment

6. Homelessness

7. City Departmental Accountability and Oversight

8. City Budget review and reform.

9. Campaign Finance Reform

10. City Business Transparency.

I love West Hollywood. I have lived here over 20 years and plan to stay here. I can see how the essence of Weho is slowly changing. Those of us who love West Hollywood just the way it is, need to step up and make sure that elected officials are not influenced to change the West Hollywood we know and love.

Eric Schmidt 

53 years old.

Born and Raised in St. Charles, Michigan.

Joined the United States Army right out of High School. Served Honorably in the Army Reserves.

Attended Henry Ford Community College and The University of Michigan.Majored in Behavioral Sciences.

Moved to Nevada (Las Vegas) in 1995. Worked as an Executive Administrative assistant for Monti Rock III.

Worked as a Certified Fitness Trainer with Entertainers in Las Vegas.

Rented in West Hollywood in 1996. Split my time between LV and LA.

Worked with Clients in both Places.

Moved to West Hollywood Permanently in 2003.

Been with My BFF Jack, an R.N. and A Nurse Practitioner for 18 years.Jack also Serves as a Union Representative (CNA) and contract negotiator.

I have always been very involved in Volunteer Work.

Among Organizations I have worked with are: “Heal the Bay”, “Project Angel Food” and “S.P.C.A”. I have consistently and continue to Volunteer to help Disabled and Homeless People in Los Angeles County.

I am a Disability Advocate helping Disabled People (including emotionally disabled) deal with Employment, Legal, Medical, Financial and Residential Issues.

I am learning  Sign Language so I can better Communicate with Deaf People.

I have a Pet named “Peanut”, who is a 10 year old Chihuahua. She is a Certified Service and Therapy Dog. I also have a Shorkie named “Joey” who is a year and a half old. Jack and I are both very active with Animal Rights causes.