i'm eric and this is my story.

naughty and nice.

"The Most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are" - Jim Morrison

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I am an exhibitionist, among many other things, and proud of it.

 The human body is a work of art and there is no shame in being proud of all that nature gave us. I am an exhibitionist and sexhibitionist for entertainment and artistic purposes. I do it for fun and for free.  

Nude pictures and videos are very important in society. There are many people, whom for whatever reason don't or can't have sex. So sex videos and pictures are opportunities to enjoy the naked body in the privacy of our own homes. There is nothing wrong with looking at nudity and pleasuring yourself. Plus it's a safe alternative to sex.

Everyone should have the right to enjoy sex.

If we were not supposed to pleasure ourselves, nature wouldn't have made our arms long enough to do it.

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What is sexy? Sexy  is the guy who works at the car wash or the guy waiting at a bus stop or the Fed Ex delivery guy or other regular guys we see in public. You don't have to be hot looking or young or have a perfect body to be sexy. Sexy is who you are, your attitude, your personality, how you treat others. Every guy is sexy in his own way. Sexy come from within.

  I'm a normal, average guy like any other, I just like sex a lot and performing nude. I discovered how much I like performing nude when I danced in nude clubs in Windsor, Ontario Canada for four years to help pay for college.

I am currently in training to do a show produced by Monti Rock beginning June 2020

I'm only in LA about six months a year. I have places in Waikiki, Las Vegas and Ketchikan, Alaska. If you're in any of those places, let me know.

"Beauty is where you find it, not where you pump and grind it"

"I have a passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it." 

 " Free your mind and the rest will follow, don't be so shallow".

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