Residents' should not spend most of their income on rent.

The City needs to build more affordable apartment buildings and micro units. There are many people who spend most of their income on rent or taking in room mates or Air B and B. West Hollywood is not Beverly Hills. We have a wide range of Residents from every socio-economic bracket and we have a 35 year history of that. We should not be exclusive to only those who are wealthy. People at every level of income have good qualities and make good Citizens. We need housing which is affordable. The City should re-evaluate the income level for affordable housing. We also need to increase the number of affordable units in new buildings to at least 30%. It is a very slippery slope if we don't stop City Council from approving high rent apartment buildings and not building or insisting that affordable housing be built here. If we don't, only the wealthy will be able to live here and people who have been here for years will be driven out, which seems to be the goal of the current City Council.

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