Sitting on Boards and Commissions

Be Cautious.

Just because someone has or is sitting on a Board or Commission does not mean they have done anything which affects our Community. I have and do attend meetings where nothing is accomplished.

Board and Commission sitting is highly over rated. I have been to the Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board one of the few times they didn't cancel because of lack of quorum. James Mason was not there, which I understand happens often. They did not talk about the purpose of their Board. Also, last night (12-11-18), I attended the Public Safety Commission meeting. It accomplished nothing. 

There was no real productive conversation nor decisions made at either the Board or Commission meetings. No new ideas from Board or Commission Members. They spent most of the time talking about when the next meeting should be. The Director of Public Safety who is paid $307,000. was there and even she had no ideas.

I asked the Director of Public Safety what the difference between an Advisory Board and an Commission was. She said she didn't know. She told me: "Maybe Yvonne would know". Yvonne is the City Clerk.

I caution people to think twice before using Board and Commission sitting as making a difference in our Community.

Unless a Board or Commission Member can give examples of what he or she has personally done which affected the cause for which they serve, then they might as well be just another audience member.

There were three Residents in the Audience of the Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board and seven and the Public Safety Commission meeting including myself and my Friend Jack Cline.

Eric Jon Schmidt

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency