The City Budget and Payroll need to be made public.

The Residents have the right to know where the money is being spent. They also have the right to know how much City Employees are being paid. There are many City Employees being paid more than the Mayor of LA, The Governor of California and the President of the United States. Just one example is our City Manager is paid over $500,000. a year. Is he really worth that amount? Especially since he doesn't live in West Hollywood. That is just one of the vulgar payroll amounts. The money that the City is using to overpay many Employees could be used for Resident and public safety issues. For a City our size, we have one of the largest payrolls in the Nation.

Not all City employees are over-paid, in fact many are underpaid and this is why a review and reform is important

The City Budget needs to be transparent and reviewed to eliminate wasteful spending to free up that money for many much needed issues for the Quality of life and safety of the Residents.

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency