Council of resident engagement.

West Hollywood is not for sale! It is owned by the Residents. For years, West Hollywood has Been owned and operated by Developers and Businesses. The City Council is nothing more than a facade. There is no Resident oversight. Master plans are changed like underwear in this town. Whenever a Developer needs a new set of rules, they can count on City Council to bend them to accommodate their projects even if the changes impact the Quality of Life of the Residents . The Chamber of Commerce is heavily intertwined in the City’s operation, but only for the benefit of the businesses. The Chamber of Commerce also has a Political Action Committee which serves to finance the Campaigns of Council Members who they know will bend for them like they do for Developers. Neither the Developers nor the Chamber of Commerce does enough for the Residents of West Hollywood yet they have their hands up the back side of the puppets known as City Council. City Council is so concerned about the needs of Developers and Businesses who finance their campaigns, they have forgotten about We the Residents and our concerns. It’s time to end the Pay for Play, Open the People’s Books for public viewing and initiate real Transparent Campaign Finance Reform. Every Campaign Donor, Bundler, Political Action Committee and other sources who donate to Campaigns should be made public before every election. The exact amount these sources donate should also be made public before every election. Any Councilmember who accepts Campaign donations from any source other than an individual Resident of West Hollywood should recuse him/herself from voting if that source of donations has a matter for consideration before the City Council. That includes Developers and Members of the Chamber of Commerce. No one should ever seek or receive special treatment or consideration because of Campaign donations. Political Action Committees and Donation Bundlers need to be scrutinized for Transparency of the source of their donations. The Businesses have The Chamber of Commerce looking out for them. They know they can count on City Council to accommodate their concerns. The residents need a “Chamber Of Residents” to look out for our concerns. The Chamber of Residents should be called the “Council of Resident Engagement” or C.O.R.E, because the word “Chamber” has been made to sound unapproachable for Residents. The C.O.R.E. (Council of Resident Engagement) would serve as a communication conduit between Residents and City Council and City Management on a wide variety of Resident and Community concerns. They would also serve as an oversight Committee for Campaign Transparency and City’s Departments accountability. The C.O.R.E. should be established and initiated immediately with the new 2020 City Council. They should be provided meeting space by the City once a month and additionally as needed as a place for Residents to voice their concerns. Representatives of C.O.R.E. would be in contact with the City Council and City Management on a regular basis and make a monthly public reports at a City Council meetings. The C.O.R.E meeting format will be progressive, productive and proactive with open, civil and respectful communication between Residents. There will be a moderator at every meeting. A Sheriff Deputy should be at every meeting. They will be similar to a monthly “Town Hall” meeting. The Committee Members will be the Residents who choose to participate at each meeting. Every Resident who wants to be heard, will have an opportunity. Guidelines will be established at the first meeting. The Committee Representatives will be voted on through an informal election at the first meeting by the Residents in attendance and subsequently every six months. The C.O.R.E should be included as an Official Department of the City and be present on the City’s website. For too long, decisions have been made without respect to the Residents input and concerns. Historically, many decisions by City Council are not implemented in a timely manner and in many cases not completed or consistent with the needs of the Community. This is what the desperately needed purpose of C.O.R.E. is - for Residents to finally have a say in how their City is operated and managed. It’s time to shift the power from Developers, Business Owners and outside Campaign Donors to the Residents. The Residents have had a very small voice in West Hollywood. They have been treated poorly by the City. This must end! The only way to cause change for the better is if We the Residents make it happen by engaging and working with with City Council and Management. If not now, when? Without a strong C.O.R.E, we have no stability, strength or sustainability to protect and preserve the Village of West Hollywood.

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency