About Us

My Campaign Manager, Robert


There is nobody better for the job than  "Bob". He is tough, he's hardcore. He does his research. He is very detail oriented. He believes that "the devil is in the details" He will leave no stone unturned. He is a Brilliant experienced, proven winner many times over and very dedicated and hard working. I am fortunate and grateful to have him on my team. He has excellent strategy for my campaign. Everyone working on my campaign is volunteering their time.

My Millennial Advisor, Luis (27 years old)


His Position is to help keep me informed about the Concerns, Ideas and Suggestions of the 18-35 year old Voters. He manages all the Younger Campaign Volunteers. Also, to arrange events for me to meet with the Younger Voters to listen and exchange ideas. His Role is Very Important. That age Group is our Future. Luis is very smart, personable and extremely capable of bridging the generation gap. Plus he knows all the dirty little secrets in West Hollywood

At our Weekly Meeting


At Bob's Office high atop a cliff in  Rancho Palos Verdes with a beautiful view of Los Angeles. A great place to clear the mind and exhanges ideas.