west hollywood chamber of commerce

They promote business, not Residents.

It is very important to remember that the Chamber of Commerce role is to promote business. They do nothing for the Residents. It should be a conflict of interest for the Chamber of Commerce to be so intertwined with City Hall and City Council.

Be very careful.

If a Candidate is cozy with the Chamber of Commerce or if the Chamber of Commerce promotes or endorses a Candidate, that means that Candidate is more concerned with promoting business and less concerned with issues which affect Residents.

I received a letter from the Chamber of Commerce inviting me to an interview at their office to determine if I was worthy of their endorsement and donation to my campaign from their Political Action Committee (PAC). They determine which Candidates are weak enough to manipulate and change the rules for their members (business owners). I turned the invitation down. I don't take donations, Especially from  PAC with nefarious intentions.

Eric Jon Schmidt

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency