we need improvements

I have lived in West Hollywood for 23 years and I love this town and the walkability of it. I don't drive my car much unless I go out of town. I love to walk. But, crosswalk safety has always been an issue as long as I have lived here. Many people have died (two of whom were dear friends of mine) or been seriously hurt before the City began a discussion about crosswalk safety. Finally a year or two ago, the City installed warning lights at some crosswalks, but not all of them. There is no consistency. Almost every crosswalk is different. The vehicle driver doesn't know what to do, nor does the pedestrian. There are three potentially deadly crosswalks on the eastside starting precisely at the eastside border in front of 7-11 on SMB. No lights for the pedestrian to push. Then down the road a few blocks east is another one, but the worst of all is the even further east near the Warner Brothers studio. Not only are there no lights, but there isn't even a street light. It's pitch black. based on these three crosswalks, it's as though the City doesn't care about pedestrians on the eastside. There is another one that makes no sense on SMB in front of Trader Joes at the Avalon. Sure the lights turn on for the drivers, but there is no walk sign for the pedestrian, so he or she doesn't know if it is safe to walk or not. Who came up with that idea? Why can't EVERY crosswalk be consistent with more than adequate lighting for the pedestrian? Lighting embedded in the pavement or very conspicuous to the driver? Pavement nubs embedded 50 feet before a crosswalk for distracted drivers? Cameras at every crosswalk so we can improve the safety of the crosswalk by reviewing accidents? Cameras would also help the Sheriff's department determined blame. It seems to me that every crosswalk death was determined not to be the fault of the driver. Other Cities have been able to make crosswalks safer and consistent, why can't West Hollywood? This also goes for residential neighborhoods where most people don't stop at stop signs. The most notorious for me is the intersection at Westbourne and Rugby. It's a blind corner to the pedestrians walking south down the hill. Drivers don't stop at the stop sign. Pavement knobs installed 25 feet before that stop sign would at least warn the driver that they are approaching a stop sign and an intersection with heavy pedestrian use. If I can think about solutions for pedestrian safety like many other Residents do, Why can't the City? Is It because many of the City Directors, Managers and Employees don't live here? or is it that they don't walk around town? The only person representing the City I have seen walking in West Hollywood is Lauren Meister. Pedestrians play a role in this too. Many of them walk across the street mid-block or against the "walk" light. There should be a fine for that. It would be a good idea for pedestrians to stop and make eye contact with the drivers before boldly walking out in front of them. Another couple of precautions pedestrians can do for their own safety is stop texting while crossing the street and not wear dark clothes at night. Until the City Steps up and protects us as pedestrians we need to be vigilant. There should be "crosswalk" safety campaign signs at bus stops instead advertising which distract the driver. Mailers would be a good idea. Signs at all entry points to West Hollywood warning drivers that they are about to enter a heavily pedestrian friendly City advising them to be aware and cautious. But, doing nothing about this issue does not help West Hollywood's reputation for walkability for Residents and visitors to our City. If you have never seen a person die on the street due to being struck by a car, it's is not something you ever forget. I know that first hand.

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