Outside Money

Campaign Donation Bundling

Bundling is a form of political fundraising in which one person or a small group of people convince their friends, coworkers and other like-minded donors to write checks to a candidate for public office.

Bundlers are often rewarded by successful candidates with "Favors" and "Preferential Treatment"

Bundling is a legal a way for a campaign supporter to get around the individual Contribution Limits.

This is what has been happening in West Hollywood for years. That's what all the fundraising parties are about.

Basically, outsiders, people who don't live in West Hollywood are the majority of the Donors.

West Hollywood is Owned and Operated by Developers who are also Bundlers.

I believe that we need to have Comprehensive Campaign Donation

reform in West Hollywood to prevent this from happening. Every single Donor must be made public information.

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency