FB: West Hollywood Cheerleaders Eastside


We offer a Welcoming, Informal and Happy Group. We want to attract Friendly, Kind, Compassionate People.

From all over the Los Angeles area and beyond. Not just West Hollywood.

We don't want to have meetings every week. In fact, we don't want to learn a routine. We just want to have fun. You do not have to learn to dance, march or learn a routine, just let your silly side show. Feel free to be you. With no judgements.

There will be no "choreographers" to insult anyone at WHCE, because we don't have a need for choreographers.

We offer a group that has an upbeat, uplifting and supportive atmosphere. Be who you are, not who someone else wants you to be.

We are turning the "Old School" concept of Cheerleading on it's head. You could call it a "spoof" of Cheerleading or just a bunch of people having fun and making others feel happy. 

We are definitely not your Grandmothers Cheerleaders. With WHCE, the Audience is just as much the Star as the Cheerleaders.

The audience wants to be part of it and leave the event with love and happiness in their hearts and pictures with you. They will never forget the variety of outfits we come up with and the kindness and love we show them.

We offer a group where Every member will feel welcomed and loved with no fear of being themselves.

No membership fees. No member will ever be asked for money. No weekly meetings. 

There is no President, No Board of Directors, No Secret meetings. No Head Cheerleader, No bad mouthing other members. No universal uniforms.

Each person can choose his or her own uniform/outfit/costume. Think leather, feathers, boas, chaps, mini skirts, ...let your mind wander and your creativity come to life!

Muscle dudes too. come "shine your heavenly body" while making people feel good. Big Girls and Guys are always welcomed and loved.

We strongly encourage individuality and creativity. We know and respect that everyone has different personalities, so we want to provide a place for free expression.

Get as creative and crazy as you can with your uniform/costume.

No one will ever be told they cannot participate in our events. (unless they are under the influence or violent).

No one will ever be criticized or ridiculed or told he/she not good enough. Everyone will feel welcomed, loved and important. We will magnify each other's strengths.

WHCE will participate in Pride events, but we will not have a routine, we will walk/dance (your own style of dance or movement) with WHCE music, showing off our unique outfits or your body, working the crowd handing out cold water and treats while making the crowd smile, laugh and feel proud. 

Stopping for pictures along the way.

If you have a special talent bring it on.

Also, we ALL get to choose the songs played on our amplifier, not just one person. We will take turns for whomever wants to use the cordless mic.

We will cheer on marathons runners and walkers, other charity walks/runs and rallies, protests and events.

If you can't make it to an event, no problem. It is not required. No one will ask why you weren't there. You will not be made to feel badly if you can't make an event.

We will have a casual "get-together" to exchange ideas and to eat goodies. every few months.

We will also have walking, hiking and social/day events for members. If you don't want to do that, you don't have to.

We will have cookouts and holiday/birthday/pool parties for members.

No experience required. All body shapes, sizes, colors, male, female, men in drag, women in drag, straight, gay, trans, disabled, all ages (over 18). All we ask is that you have good hygiene and not be a BITCH. (unless you're a funny Bitch).

WHCE just wants to have fun and make people smile, feel happy and proud. It's not just about us, but it's also about making others feel happy and take that happiness with them to spread it around.

Eric and Jack started WHCE but neither is the Head Cheerleader. 

Everyone is equal.

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency