City COuncil is not a Kingdom

Residents should have more input.

There have been many decision made by City Council which are not popular with the Residents.

Residents should have more input in the decision making by the City. I will have Town hall meetings every month to listen to the Residents for more than two minutes at a time at council meetings twice a month as is the current situation. I promise I will answer all questions and not roll my eyes at you.

I want to hear what the Residents opinions are before I vote on an issue,

I will never make a decision such as a City contract like Athens trash removal without the input of the Residents and several other bids from other companies.

Ballot Issues

I believe that some issues should be decided by the Residents by making them ballot issues rather than made by five people on City Council and Staff Members who don't even live in West Hollywood.

The Residents opinions Matter, You matter!

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency