It is Disturbing

I was able to obtain the City issued credit card statements for the past year. It is just plain disturbing how freely the City Council Members, City Manager and others spend the Peoples' money as though it is their own. Meanwhile, telling the Residents that there isn't enough money in the budget for Resident related issues like Public Safety. I would be happy to share those records with anyone who wants to see them. If anyone would like a copy of the statements, let me know

My letter to the Council, City Manager, et al:

Dear City Council, City Manager, et al,

Would you please place a motion on the next City Council Meeting agenda allowing you to explain the extensive travel by City Employees and how each conference you have attended out of town benefited the Residents of West Hollywood?

Would you also explain the following items charged to the city at that meeting: (there are more, but this is just a few)

1. 5-17-18    El Capitan Theater $1,149.75

2. 5-23-18    Six Flags Magic Mountain  $669.84

3. 7-13 18    London West Hotel $579.00

4. 7-5-18      Academy of Television   $675.00

5. 7-21-18    UCLA football game tickets  $649.00

6. 8-1-18      AMC movie TIX $1,034.95

7. 2-7-18      LA Lakers Tix  $882.00

I believe that when the Peoples' money is spent, we have the right to know why. Especially when we are told that there isn't money in the budget for expenses which would benefit the Residents such as public safety issues. If there is no transparency, there is no trust.

Thank you.

Eric Jon Schmidt

310 409 8420

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency