Lesbian And Gay Advisory Board 7-12-18

Totally Unproductive and Sexist.

The Purpose of the Board, According to the City Website is:

"The Board addresses matters relating to the Lesbian and Gay community such as education, empowerment, equal rights, hate crimes prevention and domestic partner rights, and makes recommendations to Council relative to the adoption of programs, policies or ordinances of benefit to the constituency."

None of that was discussed at last night's meeting. 

There was nothing said about Education, Empowerment, Equal Rights, Hate Crime Prevention or Domestic Partner Rights.

They said nothing about Gay men. Only about Women, Lesbians and Bisexuals. One Board Member, a man who works for The National Organization for women said: "we are all Lesbians up here" Another Member who lost a run at City Council in 2012 said: "The only way to win City Council is if a person can name 10 Women who would Vote for them. He obviously was directing it at me, but what he doesn't realize, I already have over 7000 Pledged Votes.

 I am a big supporter of Women's Rights, I  have Marched with them, I help homeless Women every day, I love Women, but I believe in Equal Rights, not special rights. I believe in benefits to ALL the Constituency.


This Board has obviously become  a Board to support Women only and not Gay Men. This Board Desperately needs Oversight, Guidance and Direction. They obviously lost their Purpose.

I believe all Commissions and Boards need to be evaluated for their Efficacy. The Constituents deserve that. In my Public comment, I suggested that every Member write a Summary every six months outlining precisely what they Personally have contributed to their Boards and the People of West Hollywood. That includes Commissioners and Directors.

They didn't follow any Protocol.

All they did was go back and forth talking over each other about how bad the food was at the Rainbow Key Awards and how they didn't get as much attention as Kathy Griffin. Absolutely NOTHING was accomplished at this meeting on 7-12-18.  

There was nothing said about Lesbian and Gay Homelessness or ways of improving the quality of life for all Gay Residents.

They only talked about Women, Lesbians and Bisexuals and parties. They even complained that the attendees "ate too much" at their events.

Not a word about Gay Men. Any person, Man or Women who might have attended that meeting would leave feeling empty and with  a discouraging outlook on being Gay

Thank Goodness that My Partner and I (and one other person) were the only ones there and not someone seeking affirmation.

CO-Chair, Duke Mason, City Council Candidate did not show up again.

My Partner and I were the only people in the room from the Public (except for one more). Just the three of us, while the Prima-Donnas on the Board conducted a "Mutual Admiration Society". Just Another example of how so much time and resources are wasted in West Hollywood while people need help with real socio-economic issues.