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Thu, Dec 20, 1:32 PM (13 hours ago)"/> src="to" target="_blank">"/>to Rocio, parevalo, John, jduran, jheilman, Lindsey, Lauren, Corri 

Dear" target="_blank">"/>Dear Mr. Martinez,

I have received from you, copies of the contracts between Contractors and the City of West Hollywood regarding the Homeless.
I have also received from you, almost 100 pages of documents with "client" statistics.
I have printed and read all 100 pages. Thank you for that information.
However, It doesn't answer my question regarding the proof of the interactions between the Contractors and the Homeless. I am looking for the documents from the Contractors which specifically site the dates, times and form of service provided. I realize that some information needs to be redacted for privacy purposes, however without that information there is no proof that the services were actually provided. The numbers that the Contractors site seem very exaggerated and perhaps even inflated in contrast to the conversations I and others have had with the Homeless in West Hollywood during the past year.
I hope that under the California Public Records Act, The people of West Hollywood can be assured that the great deal of money spent on assisting the Homeless is justified by documents which verify the services the Contractors claim they have provided.
In other words, I hope there was oversight by the City with the Contractors. The only way to verify that would be by making public the documents from the Contractors as described above.
If you are able to provide that information please do. I hope that an independent audit isn't required to get this very basic information.
Thank you for your help.
Eric Jon Schmidt

The Homeless Problem is getting worse. Corri Planke, whose is the Homeless Initiative Project Manger  (base salary  $179,502.) has lied to me more than once about what the City is doing to help the homeless.

She also in a Partner in a Firm called Advocacy Marketing Group which works on Political Campaigns. I think she might be too busy with that Job to also effectively handle our homeless situation.

One of the testimonials on her Firm's website says the following, which makes me wonder if she has the time to work for West Hollywood:

"They will work day or night to ensure that campaigns can get their messages out."

The City Council gets a report on the homeless four times a year. But they are not transparent about what they are doing about the homeless. The City Manager does not make his Department heads accountable because he knows the City Council does not make him accountable.

Why can't West Hollywood step up and take care of it's people? Residents are getting tired of hearing that West Hollywood is a "Contract City" as an excuse for doing nothing. Are we able to do anything ourselves?

We need to take care of our people. They are our responsibility. They are "us". Many are Gay, Youth, TG/, mentally/emotionally disabled, drug/alcohol dependent or just plain "lost in life" and need  proper guidance. No one should have to suffer or die on the street in such a wealthy City such as West Hollywood.

We need to provide a place where they can feel safe while we help place them in proper long-term care and lift them up and give them the dignity they deserve. Many of them have not had the same opportunities we have which have kept us from being Homeless.

West Hollywood could certainly afford this. If you don't want to spend the money, then a City Sales Tax should be put on the ballot. Called the "Humanitarian Tax". West Hollywood is one of the most popular tourist destinations, I don't think they would mind a tax to help get the Homeless off the street.

I believe the Voters would approve a tax. If not then we should be building partnerships with the multi billion dollar West Hollywood Stakeholders like Wells Fargo, Warner Brothers, Target, OWN, Starbucks, Smart-n-Final, 24 Hour Fitness, Ralphs, Pavs...etc.

We spend 35 million dollars a year on payroll, yet we can't come up with solutions to basic problems. It boggles the mind.

We need to be smart about handling the homeless, but more importantly do it with heart and compassion.

Why shouldn't West Hollywood be the frontrunner in helping the homeless? The entire Community benefits from doing so.

Eric Jon Schmidt

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