I support the sale and responsible use of marijuana in west hollywood

Smoke and Mirrors

There seems to be an issue  in City Hall with Pot stores trying to open, meanwhile West Hollywood has more bars (per capita) than any City in California

The following is my comment regarding the discussion about pot stores in West Hollywood at the City Council meeting on Monday, June 17, 2019

“I feel there’s a bit of dishonesty here where they say ‘Oh, you have to let us continue’,” and “I don’t think they’re being honest with the community. I don’t think they are being honest to the Council as well.” and “not reflective of integrity.” , said Heilman. Horvath said: “I’m not convinced that medical-only isn’t viable going forward." These seem to be personal opinions and conclusions being made where level-headed, unbiased analysis should be applied. The process used to make the decisions about who can operate a pot business in West Hollywood would make anyone's head spin, so I guess I can see how people would start interjecting their own personal opinions instead of rationality. However, through the smoke (and mirrors) of this very complicated process, which was made complicated by the City Management and Council, Duran said: “substituting the judgement of government over free markets.”, regarding the manner in which the Council is approaching the issue is the most sensible thing anyone has said since the beginning of this mess. The City Of West Hollywood has more bars (per capita) than any other City in California. The bar owners don't seem to have a hard time opening new bars on a regular basis, so why is the City and Council making it so difficult for marijuana stores? To me, I feel there's seems to be a bit of dishonesty here and the process is not reflective of integrity and that City Council and Management is either making decisions based upon personal opinions or lack of enticement by the pot industry. The pot people need to learn how the game is played in West Hollywood. It's called "Pay for Play" in our little town. The comments made by the Council members speak volumes if you read between the lines. I personally believe that an independent investigation of the entire process should be conducted, but not by a firm chosen solely by City Manager Paul Arevalo. A TRULY independent firm. Perhaps a State or Federal Agency.