City COuncil Meetings

This is the page where I talk about the City Council Meetings.

If there is anything you want me to stand up and make a comment about at a Council Meeting Please, let me know.


Meeting on 6-18-18:

Dear City Council,

Thank you for banning the Scooters in West Hollywood. My Partner and I had to render First Aid to someone who was hit by one on a sidewalk in Santa Monica last Summer.  Fortunately, Jack my Partner who is a Nurse Practitioner and Trauma Specialist, knew what to do until the Paramedics arrived.

I do find it strange that John D'Amico who announced at the beginning of the meeting that he has not received Campaign Donations from any of the people involved in the issues on which he would Vote last night. The fact that he felt the need to announce that, speaks volumes. If I dare to try to misquote Shakespeare: " "Me thinks he doth protest too much"

Yet, he fought very hard to keep the Scooter issue alive, even after the Council banned them. It's very interesting that he would be so devoted to the issue.

My Chief Campaign Strategist, Greg (Different from my Campaign Manager) who sat to the left of me said that he has not seen anything like that in his 47 years Directing Campaigns.

Jack, My Partner, sitting at the end of our row was online live with My Volunteer Pollster Director who was out in public getting instant results from people in the Community at a location watching the Meeting live. The Majority of the people polled believed that Mr. D'Amico had "Ulterior Motives" for his fighting for an issue which had already been voted on.

If John D' Amico would have as much passion for fighting for the Homeless, Public Safety, Retrofitting, and all the other much more important issues as he had for Scooters, He might just have a chance of being Re-Elected in March.

If someone were to edit and cut that portion of the video of that conversation it would surprise most people.

Moving on, I am also glad that there is finally some talk on the Council about increasing Public Safety for the Eastside. I appreciate Lindsey Horvath bringing up the idea to the City Manager of using a vacant store front for a "Pubic Safety Center", hopefully a Sheriff Sub-Station. And Hopefully the City Manager will follow up on that in a timely manner.

Also, I do believe that if the Council does not end it's "sub-committee" with the Chamber of Commerce, who endorses Candidates, the Council will lose it's Credibility and will lose all Trust and Respect from the Voters. This is not something that should be "tabled" at every meeting. It requires an immediate decision.

I challenge the Council to have the Integrity put an Item on the next meeting Agenda that Everyone running for City Council be required to list EVERY donation they receive and from whom. This information should be updated (in real time) weekly and posted on a page on starting immediately.

If not, I will ask my Campaign Manager to organize an effort to get enough signatures to make it a Ballot Issue.

The People of West Hollywood deserve Transparency. Nothing should be Hidden or Unavailable to the Voters. I, personally don't believe in taking donations, It is not necessary if a Candidate has a good Platform and the Voters Trust Her/Him, but if donations are taken, they should be made public in real time, not after the Election, but BEFORE the Election.

I agree with Lauren Meister who said that "Town Hall" meetings would add to the gathering of Resident Information, in addition to giving $200,000. to a Consulting firm who get's the same information they get every time they do it. It is my belief that Candidates should get out and meet the constituents face-to face. Listen to them and answer their questions. West Hollywood and it's Residents are Dynamic and ever changing. Gathering information should be an ongoing practice rather than a yearly procedure by an "outside" Firm.

I also believe that the City Manager and each Director should have town meetings to answer questions and tell the Voters what they are doing.

It's time that City Council be "outed" and not be the "Man Behind The Curtain" anymore. Walk among the People. This is not 1984 and We are not in Kansas. There's a whole new breed of Voter who expects much more of It's elected Officials.

This is just one of the reasons I believe that being a City Council Member should be a Full Time Position and not a Secondary Concern.

Of the 21 Pages on my Website is one called "Meeting Report", which is my Opinion and Observations of each City council Meeting. This letter will be the first entry.

Yours Very Truly,

Eric Jon Schmidt,   A.I.T. Accountability, Integrity, Transparency