Eric Jon Schmidt


Eric Jon Schmidt 

53 years old.

Born and Raised in St. Charles, Michigan Dearborn

Joined the United States Army right out of High School. Served Honorably in the Reserves for six years.

Attended Henry Ford Community College and The University of Michigan, Dearborn.

Majored in Sociology and Behavioral Sciences.

Moved to Nevada (Las Vegas) in 1995. Worked as an Executive  Assitant for Monti Rock III.

Worked as a Cetified Fitness Trainer with Entertainers in Las Vegas.

Rented in West Hollywood in 1996. Split my time between LV and LA.

Worked with Clients in both Places.

Moved to West Hollywood permanently in 2003.

Shared a home with my BFF Jack, an R.N. and A Nurse Practitioner for 17 years.

Jack is also a Drag Queen named “Jackie O (My Goodness)” for the West Hollywood Cheerleaders Eastside. He also Serves as a Union Representative (CNA) and is a Member of The Negotiating Team for a Local Hospital.

I have always been very involved in Volunteer Work.

Among Organizations I have worked with are: “Heal the Bay”, “Project Angel Food” and “S.P.C.A”. I have consistently and continue to Volunteer to help Disabled and Homeless People in Los Angeles County.

I am studying to be a Disability Advocate helping Disabled People deal with Employment, Legal, Medical, Financial and Residential Issues.

I am learning  Sign Laungauge so I can better Communicate with Deaf People.

With my Partner Jack, We formed a Social group called “The West Hollywood Cheerleaders Eastside”, which helps to promote Parades, Marathons, Marches, Demonstrations, Community Events, Fund Raisers, and to Help promote Public Awareness of Community Issues. We are not a “Non-Profit Organization” nor a “For Profit Corporation”.  We never take in money. There is no fee to join or participate.

Jack and I are Proud to have two service dogs named “Peanut” and "Joey".

Accountability, Integrity, Transparenc