My Mom






I lost my Mother to Cancer on June 30, 2006. These pictures are six months before she died. Jack and I took her on one last trip to Lake Tahoe. That's what she wanted. She and I had a fantastic final bonding. She was the best Mother ever. Jack and I moved into her Hospice Facility and took turns at her bedside up to the end.

When I was a kid, My Mother always made fun stuff for us kids to do. She was also my Den Mother in Cub Scouts. She made me earn those patches just like every other Cub Scout.

I had so much fun as a  kid. I loved playing in the snow and camping in the summer. snowmobiles, skiing, sledding, swimming, fishing, kayaking. I had a lot of Friends and Cousins to play with. I had a great childhood. I wouldn't change a thing.

My Mother taught me to never accept anything blindly and to learn as much as possible about a situation before believing it.

 Even though she was Christian, She told me to study all religions and if any of them appealed to me join it, otherwise there is no need. I don't practice any religion, but I respect them all.

She was a Great Mom. When I told her I was Gay at the age of 14, she said: "I know, what do you want for lunch'?

 She was very supportive of my relationship with my Boyfriend during High School. She even legally Adpoted Jack, My Partner just before she died.

She was always encouraging and supportive of everything I did. She taught me to work hard, be Compassionate and always do the right thing. My Mom had a lot of Integrity and passed that on to me.

I love you, Mom and We sure do miss You.