Residents speak out

City Council Unanimously Voted to raise the price of Parking Meters to pay to Powerwash the sidewalks in front of Bars.

They never even considered any other way to pay for this.

Here's what some of the Commenters on Wehoville have to say:

"Have the bars that contribute most of the problem clean the sidewalks. Why should patrons of Joey’s and Sammy’s Thai pay more to park to the city can clean up after Hamburger Mary’s puking customers?"
"Why don’t members of the West Hollywood City Council donate their pay to play money, donated from the all male white developers, towards a parking fee subsidy?"

"Mayor Duran’s statement about West Hollywood being one of the most beautiful places in the world is mighty disingenuous.  While it has its attributes, perhaps Mr. Duran hasn’t traveled much and may  need new glasses.  He also has been oblivious to the filthy sidewalks which have existed forever.  Cleanliness, soap and water are the easiest and cheapest ways to insure upkeep.

"So this new program is intended to “improve” sidewalk cleaning which most folks can agree has been “non existent”.    Please consider a more appropriate budget adjustment as this just seems hard to believe."

"Greed gone wild. They dont care about working class individuals they are moving the direction to luxury apartments, more high end hotels to get the tax off of them. And the gay is in the way, soon the factory that has gay nights will be replaced by a 9 story 241 room hotel. And the sad thing is once the gay area is slowly developed away its gone forever. And three of our sitting council members who are their to Shepard our gay weho have been bought out by developers. So sad to see our gay brothers on city council sell our city away.Oh but dont worry our city manager here in weho makes $500,000 a year with benefits. So hes doing fine along with all the other 6 figure upper level mangers at city hall. And you know whats even more disturbing John Hellman (gay) has been on city council since the city started , for over 30 years now he has held power. And his vision is what you see now, Thank John if you see him for his great respect of our gay culture."

"Gotta pay for that $100 million rooftop pool SOMEhow!"