Public Safety is at the top of my list of concerns.

On May 11, 2019, our new Captain of the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station, Edward Ramirez meet with the members of the public at Plummer Park. He made a lot of promises. I hope he follows through. My Publics safety concerns are and have been for many years the following: EASTSIDE SHERIFF SUB STATION: It should be visible to everyone entering West Hollywood at La Brea to hopefully dissuade them from any ideas of committing crime. The station would also serve the Residents on the eastside when they have a complaint to file, so they don't have to go across town to San Vicente. INCREASE THE SHERIFF BUDGET: To hire more Deputies to patrol residential areas as well as commercial areas. BUILD A NEW SHERIFF STATION ON SAN VICENTE: I have been told that the station is not adequate by people who work there. MORE TRAINING FOR DEPUTIES: West Hollywood Deputies should have additional cultural and sensitivity training and better escalation of force training. ENFORCE SIDEWALKS LAW: Even if it means a foot patrol of Officers writing tickets for scooters, bikes and skateboards on the sidewalks. MAKE ALL CROSSWALKS CONSISITANT: almost every crosswalk is different. There is no consistency so neither the driver nor the pedestrian knows what to do. There are three crosswalks on the eastside that don't have lights. They are deathtraps. PUBLIC CAMERAS: There should be cameras at ever major intersection and at every crosswalk. There should also be cameras in residential neighborhoods where it is well known that drivers don't stop at stop signs. tickets could be issued by mail. TRAFFIC SLOWING: West Hollywood is light years behind other cities in slowing traffic. There needs to be speed humps on almost every residential street and speed knobs embedded in the street 50 before stop signs. BETTER LIGHTING IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS: There are a lot of dark street that could use better lighting which hopefully would dissuade would be criminals from breaking into cars or committing assaults. UNDERCOVER DRUG TASK FORCE: There should be a task force of younger looking Deputies to infiltrate the drug culture in West Hollywood. We could make plea agreements to find out who the sources are and make it clear that you can't sell drugs in West Hollywood. But, the single most important thing that must be done is to replace the Director of Public Safety since that office has not had an idea in years and has done nothing to improve public safety. Why is the City paying people who do little to nothing?

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency