I am a Renter in West Hollywood


I will be a very strong Advocate for Renters

(The building in the picture is not where I live, it's a random picture)

Almost 80% of West Hollywood Residents are Renters. I am not afraid to fight for our Rights. Our complaints about Slumlords are being ignored. Code Violations are not enforced. The City treats the Renters like Second Class Citizens. We will not be treated like that.

I sued my Landlord on Larabee and I prevailed. I was Plaintiff in Pro Per, which means I represented myself. I did everything myself (including deposing my Landlord and a Neighbor for 8 hours each). I Studied the Law and worked hard right up until Jury Selection at which point we settled out of Court. The Landlord knew he would not win in Court. I was very prepared for the Jury Trial. The Judge told me that I should be a Lawyer.

My Landlord (Defendant) Was Jerry Illoulian, The Father of Jason Illoulian of Faring Capitol which is slowly dismantling many of our City's Historic Landmarks and a Major Donor to the Current City Council.

We renters have a great deal of influence due to the number of us. We should not be afraid to Speak Truth to Power and demand equal Rights and Respect from City Council and City Management. We must hold the Director of Rent Stabilization Accountable. That person is paid almost $200,000. a year. We Renters need to know from that person what exactly is being done for us Renters or demand that person be replaced.

We should also have an annual March on Santa Monica Blvd. to show how many of us there are.

Dear City Council 6-18-18,

I am pleading with you one last time before you Vote Please do to NOT pass any of the cost of retrofitting to the Renters. Don't let Noonan ruin your careers. For once in your Tenure, stand up to City Staff and do the right thing. You don't work for them, they work for you.

Not only will the 80% of the Voters who are Renters will Vote you out of office in 2019 and 2020, but your Legacy will always be "The Cruel Council that reduced the already fragile quality of life of low income people". Enjoy being on the Council now, because if you make Residents pay for their Wealthy Landlords to repair their buildings, the 80% will rise up and Vote you out.

More important than your City Council seats is: Have some compassion in this issue. If you are incapable of Compassion, Please fake it, just this one time.

I don’t believe in taking medicine away from sick people and I don’t believe in taking food away from hungry people. This is what City Council will do to many low income people by making them pay for retrofitting, not just the super low income Residents. $30 (or whatever it will be) makes a big difference in many people’s lives. This is nothing more than City Council paying back favors to building owners who made Campaign Donations. This Lack of Compassion on the part of Noonan and City Council is UGLY.

The Owners should pay the entire amount or the City Should pay half. This is just another example of why the current City Council is Rotten to the Core if they Vote to pass ANY of the cost on to the Renters and they need  to be replaced in the 2019 and 2020 election. They are heartless and only in it for the money. I did say that Duran had nothing to be ashamed of regarding Stormy Daniels, but that’s where it ends. He now is showing his true colors again if he Votes to take money away from Renters.

Many of these building owners are very wealthy. What about commercial buildings? Will the Tenant have to pay half too? The renters (80%) of the Voters will remember that the Council threw them under the bus in 2019 and 2022 elections.

Eric Jon Schmidt

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency