The Elections have been Manipulated for Years.

Controlling Who Votes

In the last City Council Elections, only 20% of the Residents Voted.  There are 37,000 Residents in WEHO, 26,000 are Registered to Vote, but only 4,929 came out to Vote. The State forced West Hollywood to make them move the Election from March to November starting in 2020. The Council had the election rigged so that the same 5000 people came out in March. In November 2020, almost all Registered Voters are expected to come out for National Elections so they too will Vote for City Council.

People don't want to come out in March to Vote

City Council had the Election in March knowing very few people would come out to Vote. Starting in 2020 we will finally, after 36 years, have an Honest and Fair Election.

Please come out to Vote One Last Time In March 2019

The Residents of West Hollywood will finally have a level playing field to participate in the Election in 2020.  It won't be the same 5000 people Voting for the same Candidates. It will be 20,000 New Voters who come out to vote for President and while they are there they will Vote For City Council.