Seniors are our warriors.

Seniors have fought our fights for our rights. they deserve a great deal of gratitude, respect and honor. We must not allow anything or anyone to remove them from their homes if that is where they want to stay. We need to take better care of them. They City should have a department with Nurses and Social Workers who check up on seniors to make sure they are taking their medication, check blood pressure, make sure they have enough food, take them to Dr. appointments, etc. The City should also build a low cost senior housing center much like the triangle square in Hollywood. The should have a place to live in comfort and dignity whether at their homes or at a senior housing building.

Every Senior household should be provided an earthquake survival kit by the City

Thank You to all the Seniors who have made it possible for the rest of us to have the same rights as others. I am very grateful and you are true Warriors.

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