We are all Seniors, a "work in progess"

To my  friends who have made the trip around the sun a "few" times , most of us are going through the next stage of our lives. We are at that age where we see wrinkles, gray hair, extra pounds.  We see pretty 25-year olds and smile. We were 25 too, just like they will one day be our age.

What they bring to the table with their youth and zest, we bring with our wisdom, experience and good hearts.

For all we've been through earning each gray hair - jobs, raising kids, having pets, life's bills, or whatever else life brought over the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's on up, we are survivors. We are warriors. We are Seniors.

Like classic cars or fine wine, our exterior may not be what it once was. It is traded for spirit, courage and strength while we enter this chapter of our lives with grace and pride for all we've been through and accomplished. NEVER feel bad about aging. It is a privilege denied to many.

I, as a City Council Member, like I have my whole life, while be a strong advocate for Seniors.

I have always had friends 20 years older than me so I could learn from them. I loved them for the guidance and advice they gave me. Thank You for that.

They have incredible stories. We should all take the time to Listen and Learn.

I will work hard on building more low cost modern senior housing in West Hollywood. I have many friends who live or lived at Triangle Square in Hollywood. We should use that building as an example of what we want in West Hollywood.

There is plenty of money and land in West Hollywood to make this happen.

I will also fight for the Rights and Services of Seniors in West Hollywood. It will be one of my top Priorities. I too will be a Senior in a few years. I am looking forward to that chapter in my life.

I am very much Admire the work of organizations like Gay Elder Circle does for the Community. I believe that we should bridge those generation gaps and listen to each other and learn from each other.


Please contact me with any issues you have regarding the needs and desires of the Seniors so that we can try to make the quality of life the best it can be for these incredible Survivors and Warriors.



Accountability, Integrity, Transparency