there is no enforcement of sidewalk safety.

Sidewalk Safety, even though the scooters have been banned in West Hollywood, it doesn’t mean a thing if there is no enforcement. The scooters are still weaving through pedestrians on the sidewalks. The City has painted circles on the sidewalks warning that scooters, bikes and skateboards are not allowed on sidewalks. There should be bright signs at eye level. While this is not the most irresponsible thing the city has done in response to a public safety issue, it is up there on the list. People who ride scooters, bikes and skateboards do not look down, they look straight ahead. The warning signs should be on poles at eye level in a bright color and which warn of a fine for scooters, skateboards and bikes. I think $250. fine is reasonable. If a person is struck head-on by a scooter, bike or skateboarder and falls backwards hitting the back of his or her head on the pavement, that person has a very good chance of being killed instantly, slowly bleed-out to death or die in the hospital. Scooters, bikes and skateboards on sidewalks are not only a nuisance but are effectively deadly weapons. We don’t allow people to walk the sidewalks with loaded guns, yet we allow the same potentially dangerous conditions with scooters, bikes and skateboards on the sidewalks. I suppose it will take a death of one of our Citizens before the City effectively enforces sidewalk safety. No one should have to be injured or die because the City doesn’t enforce its’ own laws. I suggest that signs as I described, be placed on every sidewalk where this typically occurs. I also believe that the City should hire Sidewalk Enforcement Personnel to patrol the major sidewalks and write tickets much like parking meter enforcement. Plus, I believe more cameras should be installed so that when something does occur it will be recorded, that goes for every crosswalk too. There is no reason that the Citizens of West Hollywood should not have safe sidewalks. City Council and the Public Safety Commission have the ability to save lives and prevent injuries if they choose to.

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