You are Smart Voters

They think you are stupid.

Candidates who have fundraisers think you are stupid.

They think you will vote for them simply because they send you campaign propaganda in the mail and put yard sings in your neighborhood.

Don't fall for it, you are not stupid

Take a close look at their voting record and the improprieties and corruption-like conduct over the years.

Take a close look at the campaign contributions and the subsequent Pay for Play.

They are counting on you to forget about their records and overlook the lack of leadership and Vote for them.

They want you to have a willing suspension of disbelief at the ballot box.

Don't fall for it. You are smarter than that.

No amount of money raised and spent should sway you to Vote for anyone.

It's not about money, it's about Character, Integrity and the Courage to do the right thing for the Residents of West Hollywood without taking money for it.