the best experience for city council members?no experience.

The only requirements to be a City Council Member is to be level headed, unbiased, grounded, compassionate, empathetic, thoughtful, analytical and the ability to listen twice and much as talk.

The best place to get those skills is through life expeience . Having served my Country in the U. S. Army for six years, Having attended College, Having worked 12 hour days for 20 years, Having Volunteered thousands of hours I believe I have the Life Experience and Temperment to be a City Council Member in West Hollywood.

All the technical stuff about being a City Council Member, I can easily learn. There is a tremendous City Staff to do research, come up with ideas for City Council to consider, There is a Legal Department to answer Legal questions, a City Clerk's Office to handle the very important details. I believe that my having no political experience is a good thing. I come to you with clean hands. I come to you with no political baggage from the past. I also come to you with eagerness to listen to the Residents, Listen to the Staff Recommendations, do Independent Research on issues and the Ability to work with the other City Council Members in order to make the decisions which best serve the Residents of West Hollywood. I will do so with the goal of improving Public Safety, Security of Housing and Quality of Life for the Residents of West Hollywood through Accountability, Integrity and Transparency.