U.R.W.H doesn't just mean that you are west Hollywood, which you are, It also means: United Renters of West Hollywood.

THE FOLLOWING IS A LETTER I WROTE TO THE CITY CLERK ON JULY 5, 2019: "I am beginning to plan a march on the Blvd. (SMB) of renters in West Hollywood. The purpose of this March is to get the attention of City Council and City Management for better representation of the 80% of West Hollywood Residents who are renters. We will demand that the Compliance Department be overhauled so that it can accommodate the complaints of Renters regarding conditions of their buildings and units and that property owners, many of whom are "millionaire slumlords" who haven't put money back into their buildings since they purchased them, maintain complete compliance and make required health and safety improvements, such as (but not limited to) adequate lighting, locking gates, working plumbing, removal of black mold and asbestos, etc... We will demand a follow-up by the compliance department to ensure that complaints are addressed and completed in a timely manner. We will demand that all residential rental building codes and safety codes are up to date. We will also demand that the City Council approve only the most minimal possible rent increase in accordance with rent control. We will demand that new housing construction provide 40% "true" affordable housing. We will demand that the low income and medium income tables be adjusted so that people can afford to live in West Hollywood. I expect this March to take place in 2020. Ideally it would begin at City Hall with a brief presentation and end at the West Hollywood Park on San Vicente. Will you please direct me to the departments required to get all required permits and law enforcement for this event and any other information I will need before I proceed?"

If the Renter's demands are not met, we will advocate to replace all five Council Members through the next two elections.

Accountability, Integrity, Transparency